jul 16 more design tweaks, moved /log to dreamwidth~
jun 07 revamped /world, /gbook and added /mmlog, a minilog to spam and talk ocs :)
jun 02 new /log entry, joined two fun webrings + added them to main page ehe
apr 22 a little update, added more /pgs, tweaked the layout (again), etc.
feb 13 slight site redesign to make everything look more.. cohesive lol, also added a site button, gbook, annnd /jarchive to keep track of the songs i kept.. on repeat lol
feb 04 added /etc to post my drawings (eventually), also added /pgs for my physical journalinggg
jan 27 new /log entry, still chipping away at the site + thinking abt adding a page for my drawings soooon
jan 24 in a pokemon mood so started working on my pkmn shrine page thing, also added a 'song i'm listening to over and over again' section because :^)
jan 21 still got work to do but i think this looks okay enough atm


hii this is just a place for me
a wip site for my oc stuff and ramblings

mobile friendly!
(+ site button)

* site uses iframes and javascript