from: rio [jul 05 2023]

this site is sooo cute!! i love everything about it.

replied: [jul 05 2023]

thank youuu ;___; ur site is so sleek with incredible coding so i very much appreciate the kind words truly!!

from: nat [jul 03 2023]

hi!! your website is so nice and adorable aaah

replied: [jul 05 2023]

omg tysm!! ur website is a huge inspo for meee like it's so nice and green and so much content (splatoon <3) great art too! thank you for stopping by!!!

from: arunyi [jun 04 2023]

i love your website so much, it's so cute ////

replied: [jun 07 2023]

WAAAH UR SITE is amazing tho, so adorable with equally adorable art!! tysm for the nice comment ;_____;

from: snowii [apr 15 2023]

soooooo unbelievably cute(and blue)! i audibly gasped when i opened your site..hope you have a wonderful day ^_^

replied: [apr 22 2023]

AAAAA ur so sweet thank youuu!!! and yes it's so obvious what my favorite color is (lol) i hope you have a good day too!!

from: harris [feb 14 2023]

your site is so cute!!! i really love the theme

replied: [feb 18 2023]

thank you so much!! i'm very happy to hear that ^^

from: jamie [feb 14 2023]

I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE SO MUCH ALEXIS!! so excited to see it as it grows!! <3 i added your site button to my site too!! YIPPEEEE

replied: [feb 18 2023]

;____; JAMIEEEE UR THE BEST <333 and thank youuu im sooo glad i made a site (thanks to your encouragement and ofc ur amazing site!!!)