on repeat

catalog of songs i had on repeat during the year


title: deja vu
artist: twenty88
genre: r&b
released: apr 01 2016
link: //youtu.be/Aerv
title: michelle
artist: g lune
genre: indie-pop
released: oct 11 2021
link: //youtu.be/qCr1
title: gatti vs ward
artist: the jack moves
genre: soul
released: oct 14 2022
link: //youtu.be/jNVH
title: what u want
artist: mofak
ft: sally green
genre: funk
released: jan 10 2023
link: //youtu.be/ymOl
title: bless my stars
artist: ranran suzuki
genre: ost
released: nov 21 2007
link: //youtu.be/woho
title: omg
artist: newjeans
genre: kpop
released: jan 2 2023
link: //youtu.be/sVTy