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jul 09 2023


the way people are scrambling for a twt alternative almost had me making a whole post detailing the exact reasons i dislike twt. beyond the number games, there's a complete lack of boundaries on there and people are so shit to creatives. i was going to talk about my own shitty experiences that put me off the platform before m*sk took over. buuut i got distracted by nimona lol.

such a cute movie! i really liked the animation too! then i got emo. i wiiiish i could create something like that. a doodle off a tumblr blog turning into a full-blown film that resonates and is enjoyed by so many people. it doesn't help i hit a block with #secretwip. siiiigh. oh well, i'm still working on it lol.

jul 03 2023


absolutely loved the pikmin 4 demo.. went from a 'maybe checkout' to 'day one buy' lol sad the full game come out until the end of the month

i only played the first one before (which i liked a lot) and i can tell right away this one is a lot more forgiving lol. the first one had me stressed trying to keep all the pikmin alive and double-checking to make sure i didn't leave any behind (the animation that plays when you leave one is soooo cruel i'm sorry) but this one has such a laid-back vibe. i love exploring the caves and collecting the treasures. oatchi is well implemented (like platforming in pikmin!!) and is an adorable alien puppy. i don't care that it's easier i like it WAY more lol. the ice pikmin are soooo cute too. i love all the pikmin.. i can't wait to see the winged/fairy ones!! also love how goofy my character looks lol

jun 27 2023


can you believe i've had an artfight account since 2018 and never did it once.. i kept putting it off for various reasons (shyness, incomplete oc refs, redesigning ocs for the billionth time) but this year theme is so tempting like vampires vs werewolves?? seriously?? aaaaaaa i wish i could join!! but i'm still working on #secretwip :( honestly i'm very behind on it, did barely anything for it all june.. so i'm going to have to focus on that for the rest of the summer. boo. no artfight for meee. just know i'm team vampire lol

jun 18 2023


giggling rn @ the flash flopping in the box office

i care about the box office when i want a movie to succeed and get a sequel (mario) or when i want one to fail and lol the flash opening belowing black adam?? i know the rock giggling too after getting dragged through the mud by wb.. that's what they get for not firing e*ra m*ller like will smith gets cancelled for a slap but they keep this asshole around?? okay.jpg they deserve this flop lmao (elemental also flopping :( it looks mid but i hope it legs out anyway so pixar doesn't become a sequel factory)

jun 07 2023


thinking about the best madoka amv today

jun 01 2023


listening: be free - e. live ft. sally green
playing: sifas (eos final days)
working on: secretwip

wrow haven't posted in awhile. mostly because i prefer journaling on paper but also i've just been very offline these days. it was bad for me last year so i took a months long hiatus off social media and now i can't get back into it. i've been trying but i last maybe a day before i'm like gootbye. it's why i've engaged so minimally with the socmed aspects of neocities.

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jan 27 2023


one good thing that happened in the otherwise mega yikes year of 2022 was that i started journaling! like on paper!

my 2023 muji planner arriving in oct

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dec 29 2022


first and last post of 2022 lol. just testing out how this section will work. i'd like to put random ramblings, reviews, and maybe some doodles on here too eventuallyyy.